Rodasteel Corporation


Rodacciai serves many types of clients: the production needs of these companies has led to an extreme differentiation of the demand, however with a specific common request: to obtain high quality provisions.
For this reason, Rodacciai has had to demonstrate to its customers that it works with transparent criteria and unambiguous processes to guarantee products of a constant and repeatable high quality over time.
To guarantee the reliability of its processes, since 1990 Rodacciai has obtained the ISO 9001 system certification from IGQ, the Italian Institute of Quality Assurance, part of the CISQ federation and accredited by ACCREDIA, the Italian Authority for the Accreditation of Certification Bodies, and by ANAB, the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Body in the United States, in addition to being a member of IQNet (International Certification Network). This certification, extended to all Italian peripheral deposits, certifies that the entire company operates in full compliance with the ISO 9000 standards relative to quality management systems.

In the ongoing development of its quality policy, Rodacciai has subsequently obtained several TÜV Nord and CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) product certifications for the welding supply materials and IGQ product certifications for structural steel hot-rolled products (CE mark).
TÜV has also issued the certification for the stainless steel bars destined for the construction of pressure vessels according to the AD 2000-Merkblatt W0 scheme.
Another type of market has requested the certification for the provision of materials compliant with German construction requirements (Ü mark), for both welding supply materials (certification issued by the German railway authority DB (“Deutsche Bahn AG”) and for stainless steel bars and rolls (issued by TÜV).
In compliance with the European directive 97/23/EC on pressure vessels (PED), the processes relative to the provision of the products covered by this directive have been included in the ISO 9001 certification by IGQ.
Finally, for ribbed stainless steel products, the ISO 9001 system certification has been obtained as well as the product certification by Cares, the English building certification authority, and by CSLP, the Central Technical Service of the Italian Ministry of Public Works, according to Ministerial Decree 14.01.2008.

All of these certifications, which are continuously updated, ensure that the client is fully compliant with the regulations in force and are synonymous with good quality.