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Quenched and tempered steels alloyed

Steels with alloy elements, temperable

Alloyed quenched and tempered steels contain alloy elements (manganese, chromium, nickel, molybdenum) in variable quantities and proportions that allow the desired temperability to be reached. In this way, larger pieces can be produced with structures transformed even to the core and suitable for the most demanding applications.

The alloy elements are chosen as a function of the type of characteristic that you wish to increase: for example, chromium improves hardness and toughness, while nickel has beneficial effects on resilience, event at low temperature, and on resistance and fatigue; molybdenum, finally, reduces the phenomenon of fragility upon tempering.

These steels are usually quenched and tempered in oil, which allows the production of pieces with even very complex shapes. The fields of application are quite varied: shaft-type components, gears, linkages, and mechanical pieces of any type.

RANGE Quenched and tempered steels alloyed