Rodasteel Corporation

A leading company in the international arena, it is the heart of the Rodacciai group, and produces a wide range of steels that cover all of the market’s needs: its offer includes automatic steels, steels produced by cementation, quenching and tempering, and superficial hardening, stainless and welded steel, and steels for specific uses.

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Via Giuseppe Roda, 1
23842 Bosisio Parini (LC) Italia
Tel. +39 031 878111
Fax +39 031 878312

Production / Rolling mill

Rodacciai has its own rolling mill for the processing of the steels necessary to meet internal demand. The state-of-the-art system allows steels to be created in formats that are unique in the market and allows a wide flexibility in production, making the fulfillment of orders faster and more effective, in addition to guaranteeing maximum quality.

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Via dell'Industria
23844 Sirone (LC) Italia
Tel. +39 031 850000
Fax +39 031 852590


Historical Spanish steelwork, it is specialized in the production of stainless steel. Its production is characterized by the high quality of the process and of the finished product, which is used for Rodacciai production. It can this way control the whole process by marketing steels tested at each stage of their production and processing.

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Larrabarri 1
48180 Loiu (Bizkaia) Spain
Tel. +34.94.471.15.17
Fax +34.94.453.16.36