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Stainless steels for welding

Filler materials for the union of stainless steels

Wires and bars of stainless steel of various types are used as filler materials in electrode, MIG, TIG, and submerged arc welding: according to requirements, austenitic, martensitic, ferritic or austenitic-ferritic, also called duplex steels are used for welding.

The use of selected wire rods with controlled impurities guarantees optimal welding from both the mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion points of view. Furthermore, the chemical composition of the proposed welding steels is defined in such a way as to be compatible with all of the international standards, including the European and American ones.

Thanks to the quality of its welding steels, Rodacciai has supplied all of the major producers of electrodes in Europe, the United States, and throughout the world over the years, passing even the most demanding tests: the product certifications issued by TÜV (Germany), Controlas (Holland), ABS (U.S.A.) and CWB (Canada) bear witness to this fact, without counting the approval by the major international car manufacturers.

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    Stainless welding steels – austenitic, ferritic, martensitic or duplex – made from selected wire rods and with controlled impurities for optimal welding.