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Sales academy: Stays the course

The journey of the participants in the Sales Academy continues. After the initial month of classroom training and a first experience at the Bosisio Parini site, the boys and girls who passed the first steps successfully, have joined their colleagues in the offices and sales offices where they will continue their professional development, which will lead them to become an integral part of our team.This investment in the sales network will offer an ever better service to our customers, in a market situation that requires ever-increasing levels of preparation. Andrea RODA, who is involved in the group's commercial development projects, comments as follows: "we are very happy with how the Sales Academy is progressing, the boys and girls are very motivated and are continuing their journey by integrating more and more and growing professionally every day."

It is the most recent developments of the human resource management methods that has characterized our company for years: the Sales Academy is a career oriented, training and development course aimed at young graduates moving towards a career in the sales field. The teaching approach is based on learning through experience, with particular attention to technical training. Another cornerstone of our course are the soft skills: from the enhancement of communication and relational abilities, to the management of the relationship with the customer, aspects that make it possible to make the difference in the level of the service offered. The overall duration of the project, which started last spring it is 30 months and includes three phases: one month of full time training at the classrooms of the University of Milan in Bosisio Parini, and then the honing and polishing of their newly aquired skills in the field at the Italian and foreign branches.

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