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A new course for plastic deformation of steels

The RoadJob training proposal, of which Rodacciai is one of the founding partners, also continues on the path of innovation. In fact, the first post-diploma course in Italy on the plastic deformation of steel will start in the autumn, created to fill the strong gap between the training offer and the professional needs of a sector that is fully part of the Italian industrial tradition, in a context of strong innovation due to the digitalisation and computerisation of factories. The aim of the course is to train specialised technicians able to manage complex plants and intervene in the manufacturing processes of products obtained through the plastic deformation of steel. Joining the project are LIUC Cattaneo University of Castellanza, the largest training organisation in Lombardy Enaip Lombardia and the best technical institutes in the area: I.I.S. Badoni of Lecco, I.I.S. 'P.A. Fiocchi' of Lecco, I.I.S. Marco Polo of Colico (LC).

This is a great and concrete opportunity for the participants, who will be engaged in a 1,000-hour training project, of which 450 hours of theoretical training in the classroom and 550 hours of on-the-job training in the company, plus 700 hours of apprenticeship work paid for by the company, for a total of about 1,700 hours of training. The children of Rodacciai employees or new graduates recommended by them will have a preferential enrolment lan.

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