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Case Hardening steel non-alloyed

Carbon-only steels for surface hardening

These carburized steels do not contain particular alloy elements in addition to carbon. They are often tempered in water and are therefore only suitable for the production of pieces with simple shapes and applications that are not demanding, such as some pins and bushings.

The R10Pb type is offered in the version with the addition of lead, which facilitates machining by chip removal.

RANGE Case Hardening steel non-alloyed

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    Steel name

    C10E - Nr.1.1121
    C10R - Nr.1.1207

    Low carbon non-alloy carburized steel. Temperable in water.

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    Steel name

    C15E - Nr.1.1141

    Non-alloy carburized steel with slightly more carbon than the previous one. Temperable in water.

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    Steel name

    C16E - Nr.1.1148 C16R - Nr.1.1208

    Unalloyed cementation steel very similar to C15 but with a little more manganese which improves its hardenability