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Free-cutting steels carburized

Steels with high workability by hardening of the surface layer

Pieces obtained from carburized free-cutting steels, with a low carbon content, can be subjected, after machining, to surface hardening treatments through carburizing or other thermochemical treatments.

RANGE Free-cutting steels carburized

  • Rodacciai Mark


    Steel name

    10SPb20 - Nr.1.0722

    The most widespread carburized free-cutting steel; the addition of silicon guarantees the uniformity of the austenitic grain, while the limited percentage of sulfur allows a successful hardening treatment after carburizing.

  • Rodacciai Mark


    Steel name

    15SMn13 - Nr.1.0725

    Automatic sulfur manganese steel; the limited % of sulfur allows the good treatment of hardening after cementation