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Special steels for structural uses

Steels used in welded, bolted, and riveted structures and in the building sector

This section lists the steels destined for structural uses in accordance with the European standard EN 10025, for the creation of welded, bolted, and riveted structures and for the construction of objects used in the building sector.

In addition to the base steel Re37, the Re52D type is used at low temperatures, while the Re60S type is processed in such a way as to make it suitable for machining by chip removal.

RANGE Special steels for structural uses

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    Steel name

    (E335+S) - Nr.(1.0060)
    (E335GC) - Nr.(1.0543)

    Carbon steel derived from the E335 type of the standard EN 10025-2; the addition of sulfur confers greater machinability by chip removal. Not suitable for hardening heat treatments.

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    Steel name

    S235JR - Nr.1.0038
    S235JRC - Nr.1.0122

    This basic steel with a low carbon content, present in the regulations since the beginning of the varied standards (Aq37, Fe37, Fe360, S235), is still widely used thanks to its versatility as it can be welded, bent, deformed, and worked in a variety of ways. Not suitable for heat treatments.

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    Steel name

    S355J2 - Nr.1.0577
    S355J2C - Nr.1.0579

    Carbon steel present in the European standard EN 10025-2 as S355, it has a very high resilience even at low temperatures. Widely used for the production of flanges and fittings and for construction in general. Not suitable for hardening heat treatments.